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UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity.

Dennis Ritchie (co-creator of C and Unix)
I am Tim Verbois


HPUX has been around for over 30 years and it has a rich history in the Unix world. HPE is still supporting HPUX and will continue to do so at least till end of 2025. However, HPUX machines are disappearing slowly.

If you still have some HPUX servers, finding people who can support it is getting more and more difficult. Finding a specialist, that knows the OS through and through is becoming a real problem.

I’ve been managing HPUX machines for over 10 years now and before that, I managed Solaris machines for 10 years. So, my Unix experience exceeds 20 years. I understand Unix systems and logging on to a HPUX machine doesn’t scare me, but makes me feel at home.

If you are in need of expertise for HPUX, we offer a few different services that can help you solve your problems. Knowing you can count on a specialist in case you need it, or a helping hand when a modification must be made, can make you sleep better at night. I’m not for hire on a full-time basis, so you can limit your costs by just contacting me when you need me and not keeping a HPUX specialist around, just in case …

Besides HPUX, you can also contact me for one of the following technologies:


Perl is an older language and was vastly used on Unix operating systems. Nowadays, languages like Python are more often used than Perl. However, still a lot of Perl scripts are out there and they still need support or adjustements must be made due to changes in the business or the infrastructure. As a Perl specialist, I can help you with that.


Shell scripts are the first language to use for simple scripts on Unix and Linux. Most Unix/Linux engineers can write some scripts in Bash or KSH. However, some of these scripts can be pretty complex and these scripts can be a vital part of your business. Changes to this business might force you to modify the scripts. As a Shell specialist, I can help you with this.


HPUX machines are physical machines. They are often linked to a SAN and given large amounts of disk space. If you are running a serviceguard cluster, there is a chance your cluster is able to manipulate the storage via the RAID manager software (Horcm). As a specialist of the RAID manager software, I can help you with dealing with CA, Business Copy and snapshot configurations.