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Shell scripting languages (bash, ksh, …) are the basic unix/linux languages. Most engineers are able to write or modify these scripts. However, sometimes more advanced scripts are made in these languages and if your team is missing the knowledge or expertise needed to modify or expand your existing scripts we can help you. My expertise in these kind of scripts exceeds 20 years. In that time I’ve created and modified simple and complex scripts.
What we offer:


If you have some shell scripts that are crucial to your organization, they might break down, or changes in the environment might cause the scripts to fail. If your team is missing the knowledge to debug the scripts, it takes a long time before the scripts are fixed. Hire a shell scripting specialist and we will fix the problem for you.


Do you need a new feature to a script or an environment change forces you to make changes to the script. Do you want to rewrite the scripts in a more modern language like ansible? Hire a shell specialist and we will make the changes for you.


Your team needs an introduction to the language to be able to understand the scripts. We can look at the script together and analyse it. That way, they will learn about the language and the scripts themselves.