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HPUX is not part of the future of IT. But it is part of the past and present in many organizations. Maybe your core applications are still running on HPUX machines, but you don’t have a specialist anymore to handle problems.

Many organizations have servers that nobody is allowed to touch anymore. As long as they are running, we all stay away. If they have a problem, everybody prays for better times. It is at times like that, that you count on HPE to save the day, but how long does it take for them to intervene and come up with a solution?

As an HPUX specialist, I’ve been working with HPUX for about 10 years now. Before that, I managed Solaris for 10 years, so my Unix experience in the field started in 2001. During that time, I’ve done just about anything from setting up new environments, to migrations and handled numerous crisis situations.

What we can offer you is:


You will have a specialist on the ground or logged in remote on your servers in no time. He can also be the middle man between your systems and HPE and has experience and contacts at HPE so your problem can be solved quickly.


Your systems might be waiting for patches for a few years now and this is becoming a risk. Not only stability might be an issue here, but also vulnerabilities might stay unpatched, exposing your system to threads from the outside. We offer system patching for a fixed price per system.


Did you finally found a solution to move the application on the HPUX systems to another platform, or you bought new hardware for your existing HPUX machines. To help you with the transition, you can count on a specialist that will guide you through the process or can handle the migration himself.


You have linux engineers in your team, but none of them have enough knowledge to handle day-to-day operation on the HPUX machines. We can provide education to your engineers. This can be a range of solutions: a course carefully created for your environment (so the course will only cover topics that are applicable to your environment). It can also be a hands-on session with basic tasks on your systems. But it can even be a 1-on-1 session with one of your engineers, covering a task that is due at that time (like OS patching).


You want to find a solution for your old systems by planning a migration, but you don’t really know what is running on them. So you don’t even know how important they are? Well, for a fixed price, we will make an inventory of the system and deliver a full report containing all the services running on these servers and if they are used.


How are your systems doing? Are they up to date? Or do they contain big security holes? How about performance, are they doing OK or are they behaving badly? Maybe you have some performance issues. For a fixed price, we can analyse the situation, provide a full report and propose some improvements (or point out the bad guys). You can also contact us to investigate any pressing performance problems. I’ve been analyzing systems for 20 years and very intensively for the past 10 years.

A lot of organizations keep IT-specialists with a specifically set of skills around just because a small number of systems for that skill still exists in their organization. These specialists know they are unreplaceable and their price might go through the roof.

You can now have a specialist at hand, just if you need him and only when you need him.

So, contact us today and see what we can do for you!