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Physical machines often use SAN storage together with or instead of local storage. SAN Storage has some advantages over local storage. You are able to use it to provide failover functionality of the application to other hardware. This spare hardware can be in the same site or on a remote site. To make this management easier, HPE offers Serviceguard clustering for HPUX. This can be a normal cluster (with only one storage box) or a metro cluster (with multiple storage boxes). Metro cluster can integrate with HPE Storage boxes and the software used to integrate the 2 is the RAID manager software.

The RAID manager can also be used to connect a vsphere SRM system to a HP SAN box. If you lack the knowledge to do this yourself, contact us, we can set this up for you and educate your people.

A third application for the RAID manager software is to create Business Copies and Snapshots. This can be a valuable extra feature to safeguard data, to create refreshes or to create a rollback system when doing a risky release for example.

As a HPUX specialist, I’ve worked with this software extensively. If you need to setup such a system or modify it, you can hire a specialist to do this.

What we offer:


If you are setting up a new environment, the RAID manager software must be installed and configured. The cluster also needs to be configured to use this RAID manager. We can do this for you.


Do you need support managing your RAID manager software? When you need help in case of a crisis, contact us, we can help you.


The storage box software is updated regularly, but the client software must also be updated. Hire a specialist to do this for you to avoid problems.