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Perl has been around for more than 30 years now and it has been used a lot on Unix systems. On modern systems, python is the future proof language to go for.

Although the language may be old, it is still part of lots of automated tasks on millions of systems around the world. Finding engineers that have a strong perl knowledge might be hard and expensive.

What we offer:


If you have some perl scripts that are crucial to your organization, they might break down, or changes in the environment might cause the scripts to fail. If your team is missing the knowledge to debug the scripts, it might take a long time before the scripts are fixed. We can step in and debug the scripts for you.


Do you need a new feature to a script or an environment change forces you to make changes to the script. Hire a perl specialist and we will make the changes for you.


You might have a team with engineers that have some scripting knowledge, but that are missing perl knowledge. We can provide a personalised course to train your engineers to be able to debug and adjust perl scripts.